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Write Every Day

I know I said I was going to talk about something different this week, but something else struck my brain.  It was like lightning.  Ha! Not really, but another good piece of advice for all who even care.

Write Every Day.

We sit in our novelist capsule wondering when our books will finally take off and make some real money. Well, that, you may wait years to happen. But what do we do in the meantime?

I personally am acquainted with one other novelist, and well, they are not as passionate about their writing as me.

So this week I say, “Write Everyday”. Everyday. Even if it is just a paragraph, write something every day. I have done it for so long that I have to be in a certain “mode” to write every day, but I do write at least 3 times a week at a minimum, and if the story moves even me, the author, I write until I am nearly un-continence. Kinda like I am now. Quarter to three in the morning my time, yet I am still here.

Gotta wonder what moves us to bypass sleep and food to keep our stories going. I will give you one word. Determination. Is that a good word? Have any of you been there? I once wrote seventeen pages in a matter of hours though my body was fighting against me. My noodle would not let go, so I couldn’t sleep until I finished. Once I was finished, I went to bed satisfied, and quite frankly proud of my accomplishment. I went to work the day after that, and when I came home, I continued.

So I will say, and I have heard it many times. Write everyday. I’m like, WTH does that mean? Just as I heard it. Literally, write everyday. Why would we do this?

You would do this for several reasons.

Get to know your own horrible habits. You can only help your editor ahead of time if you tell them what you already know about yourself.

When you write something everyday, it can only spark creativity farther.

Conversations with your friends will also help. Who knows a fantastic story idea will come out of causal conversation. Write it down. It may or may not be a good idea, but if it hit you as you were conversing about it, you never know.

I promise if you asked some of the well known authors out there today what they did to become successful, they will first say persistence, and the next thing they will say is that they never gave up on the stories they believed in. I can bet you that they wrote something everyday, and we all should. I try to, and so should you.

Until something profound strikes me,



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