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I recently put together all three of the Baby Farm Series in one book. It is only available on Smashwords at this time, because I wanted to try a different sales model. Smashwords has an option called, “You set the price.” I was already warned how this model worked, but I wanted to see it for myself. Would I sell many more books like this? I had to find out.

Well, I am currently 2 short from my goal, and wow. I had one person give me a somewhat respectable $3.99, and only one other, gave me a whole $.99. Yup, less than a dollar for three full length novels all put together in one book. Disgusted.

However on to what sparked this thought for this week. I got a review. What is so funny about it is that the person didn’t review the novel as a whole; they reviewed the first book only. Then they gave it some nasty snide comments and only gave it one star. So was that fair to me? Nope. Was it fair to the other people who downloaded my book? Nope. I believe I have written a pretty good series. It is not the quality that you would get from large publishing houses; however, it was a good story.

I know everyone will not like everything. That is just how it goes. But it just makes me darn grouchy when they didn’t even bother to finish the other two novels. Okay, you got me, I’m venting.

So when and if you take the time to write a review on a book you read, think about the time the person has taken to put into the story. And if it is bad, and you have to leave a review, give constructive criticism. Let the writer know what they can do to fix their novel. And if you loved the book, tell the author why.

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