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Free Books

Let us have a chat about free books. Again I wonder if someone offers up a book for free; what the purpose is.

I have a published series, and for me the first in the series is free. My sales haven’t been all that great on the other novels, so it just tells me that the first one needs some more work. Yes, I am gonna get on that…eventually.

I see free books all the time. Some are full length and some are less than novella. When I see the four thousand word novels, I wonder if it is worth the read. Well if I was the one who could write short novels, then of course I would say yes. I want someone to look at my work no matter the time I put into it.

Hmmm just made me think of something else. Anyway, read those short novels because everyone deserves to be read. Good or bad, if it’s free, why not. However, I refuse to pay for a four thousand word book. That in my opinion says the writer is only out to see what they can sell. Greed should never get in the way of art, and yes, what we do is a true form of art.

I read a free novella last week and it started off well. The middle showed great promise, and then it fell off into a five-page one-sided email conversation. Boring! I would have appreciated a bit of dialog in there. Perhaps a phone conversation would have been better. This says nothing about the author but pure laziness.

So, I will get off my soap box now. Take a chance and read the free books. You may find a gem, and you may not. And if you don’t, don’t berate the author about it by leaving nasty reviews.  They worked for the work they have done, and are proud of it even though it may not be that good to you.

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Why We Buy

Vegas…Family…Totally broke…Windfall…Oh sorry. That was a dream I had this week. And yes it was so vivid; I was pissed when I woke up. On to the topic.

Oh wow, now I want to talk about something that is purely up to the individual. And yes it has a lot to do with what I blogged about last week.

Why do we read what we do? I love a romance with a bit of chivalry in it. I love men to be men. I will read anything that even remotely suggests it. If the man in the book opens doors, feeds his woman, gives her orders, or well pleases her, I’m all for it. The latter two having nothing to do with the romance genre, I just like men to be in control. Whew! Okay let’s move on.

I will read just about anything from any genre as long as it holds my attention. I can usually tell from the first five pages of a new novel if that will be the case, however, not always. I may get thirty pages in before I lose interest. And well, it has happened to all of us.

The internet has allowed us to get books for free. I don’t know what is in the head of the author at the time, but I for the most part am glad that they offer their work for free. It in most cases has to do with marketing, as I explained in two of my previous posts.

The story may not move you, or you may be so anal retentive that a missed quote irks you to the point of not finishing the book, but we all have our reasons.

My Featured Author is not from America, but is from Canada, spelling is a bit different there. Yet I read in a review of one of her books that her English needed work. Really? Nicky explained in her first work where she was from and why her spelling was a bit odd. I respected that as a reader and moved on.

Man I am really off topic this week.  Okay, so I will move on.

You are an avid reader. You look to find a book that will gain your interest. You find one and suddenly you hesitate at your wallet. You think, “Is it worth the read? Am I spending too much money? Will this book leave me satisfied?” I think that of all the three questions, satisfaction is what we are really looking for.

Most of us read casually to escape the pressure of everyday life, so if you buy a book you want it to completely take you away. When it is finished, you want more, or you are satisfied that it ended the way it did, and yet still look for more.

Why do we read what we do? It is a mystery that may never be solved, I however as an author appreciate anyone who decides to download my books and read them…fully. Not a half a assed read, but a real true to life read gauging all possible outcomes of the novel. I feel that if a reader does not begin a book with an open mind, the story is lost on them. And that is something that I personally never intend to happen.

Read more. You will learn a great deal about yourself if you do.

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