Blast!  Free.  Ninety-nine cents or more.  How do I price my book?  Mark Coker, founder of says the median price for your book is ideal at 2.99, up to 5.99.  I will not disagree.  I have had mediocre success at 2.99.  Gift of Life is priced at 3.99, and I am only testing the waters with this one.  I have had several suggestions.  “Make the second one free, then put out the trilogy at 12.99.”  Hmm loving it.  However, not all have the patience to read a trilogy, and I wonder would it even sell.

From simple emails, to flyers and business cards, I have spent way more money than my books have yielded.  But I still know marketing is important, and I press.

You can pay marketing folks a butt load to do this for you, but can’t really appreciate what they do for you unless you give it a go yourself.

This blog is one of my marketing tools.  I started this because I didn’t have one, and well now, I’m glad I did.  I now have somewhere to share with the world my successes.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and others are awesome just to drive people to your book page.  The hardest part of Marketing (for me anyway), is trying to find the time to get it done.  I have committed to writing in this blog every week, and that’s a start, but I could be doing so much more if I had the time.

Since I am on the subject, I am deeming today, “Self-promote Sunday”.  Maybe you should to.  Get out there and talk about your work.  Reach out and touch someone with your shining personality.  I am definitely going to give it a shot.

For the entire month of July, I am selling my books at a discounted price.  The first one is free.  Yup.  Free.

All four of my books are now discounted at SSWIN for Baby Farm, SSW50 for the other 3. HappyReading!

Until Next Week,



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  1. i think we all face this one no matter what we do

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