Real Writers

I have been writing since I was fourteen years old.  My imagination has been going almost non-stop for 31 years.  Yeah, I’m not a kid anymore, but writing novels has always been a dream of mine.  Now that I am here (Thanks to the internet), I’m not gonna turn back.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and my bad habits over the last two years, and I still yearn for greatness.  I dreamed of being Stephenie Meyer, and J.K. Rowlings before either of them even appeared on the scene.  Yes, I would love my Baby Farm Series to be the next Twilight or Harry Potter, but I lack the money to hire an agent, and the self publishing packages offered by anyone other than Smashwords are just out of reach.

Okay on to my topic.  What is a “Real Writer?”  I am one, or so I presume myself to be.  I work like a dog on my stories, and spend what I can afford on marketing and editing.  But people still have a hard time believing I’m actually published.

“Oh you write?”  “Do you have any published books?”  I say yes, hand them my business card, and give them the coupon code for a free copy of any one of my books, and it seems to end there.  My normal response to the doubters is, “Google me.”  People only seem to believe what they read on the internet or what the media says, so why not?  Google me.

We all have been there at one point or another.  My own mother didn’t believe in me, and I wish she was here to see me now.  My father is just now trying to understand.  Ugh!  Sorry.  Personal feelings coming out.  I digress.

So all of you other indie authors out there besides me, I just have to say one thing.  We are all Real Writers.  Not everyone will like what we write, nor will they always accept what we do.  But don’t give up.  Live your own dream.  Who knows, one day one of us (many Smashwords authors already have) will achieve the dream whatever it may be.

Monetary is not what I’m speaking about.  I’m talking about every other person you meet on the street will ask “Hey, have you read the latest book by…?”  That is where we all really want to be right?  We want to know that we have entertained someone through our craft.  Real Writers.  We all are.

Question remains, are we really that good?

Until Next Week,



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