Book Covers

Once me and would be partner argued over something as simple as a book cover.  We were working on a book together.  (Which I don’t recommend doing with your friends. Lot’s of drama and extreme creative differences can occur.)  She has her own opinion about what goes on a cover, so do I.   I won’t tell you hers, but I will tell you mine.

People.  And I’m not taking anything away from those whose opinion is different from mine.  But I feel that people on the cover of your book convey a certain feel.  I mean if you are writing romance, erotica or anything that has to do with human emotion, well people or persons most definitely should have a presence on the cover.

Flowers or any other object can say many things.  Not saying that it doesn’t say romance, it just doesn’t say feelings to me.  I mean really.  Everyone is just not that deep.

Your cover should reach out to your target audience without them having to analyze what the story is about.  Take my “Gift of Life” cover for instance.  There is no doubt in your mind that it is about a man and a woman.  A single object could mean several things.  I, being the lover of romance, would have to take extra time to read the back of the book to find out if I really wanted to read the book.

I started reading a series about post apocalyptic earth.  E.E. Knight.  Very good series which I have yet to finish.  But looking at the cover of the first book, I felt it was about a kid out for justice, watching his back the whole time.  I picked it up and was instantly in love.  Adventure, excitement and the kid with guts fought his way through to the next novel.

So, book covers.  What do you think?  Should your cover tell your story?  Or should it be something obscure?  If you are out to sell books, tell the story on the cover, for sure.  It won’t hurt in the least.

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