Escape.  That is what I do when I write my novels.  I’ve always wondered is that what most fiction writers do.  Fiction is such an awesome genre.  And for those of us with over active imaginations, it is the easiest for us to do.

There are various things in a fiction author’s life that will spark a new idea for a new book.  Anything from a car accident, to two people just simply walking and talking.  We never know what will spark the sudden urge of creativity; we just know that if there is a possible story to be told, we must tell it.

Sometimes, the flame starts and oh boy!  You go on for pages and pages and then, boom!  The idea suddenly smokes out.  What happens?  Did you really have an idea in the first place?  Or did you just need an escape from reality for a little while?

I have had several books (three that come to mind) that seemed like a good idea at the time, but when I got to a certain point, I was done.  Nothing else would come out.  Why is that?  Is it writer’s block or did I not really have a good idea in the first place?  I wish I knew.

Some write about real life experiences, and attempt to fictionalize it.  It doesn’t always work as it is happening.  One of the reasons I believe is that you may be too close to the situation to actually make it fiction for you, the writer.  Let the situation play out first.  Then decide if it will make a good book.  Then you can actually separate your real life situation from your fictional characters, and possibly write an excellent novel.  We’ve seen it before in lots of books we have personally read, or movies we have gone to see.

So, the key word this week is, Escape.  When you write fiction, do your research, and really create a fictional world.  You are a part of every character you create, and the main characters of your story, are often times extensions of the real you.  But because it is fiction, we can become anyone we want.  So escape.  Be free.

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