The topic today is editors.  A phenomenal people who have a way of looking at your book entirely differently than you did.  I will most definitely agree with anyone who wants to publish a book, needs one.  And forgive me; I can only speak on fiction, seeing that is my area of “expertise” if you will.

My first published novel, though a good story, was riddled with both spelling and grammatical errors.  Because I published way before I should have, I learned quickly that I wasn’t the English genius I thought I was.  Some of the reviews treaded lightly.  They offered polite, constructive criticism, encouraging me to continue.  Other reviews were just nasty.  Totally beating up both my story and my ego.  But I have told this story on my “About” tab.  I digress.

Your editor is your friend no matter how much they may seem to be against you.  My advice?  Listen.  Okay, fight if you must, but they will win on most points in the end.  Remember that they are the one looking at your manuscript with new eyes.  There is no way that you will foresee what they will ask.  You will be grouchy with them at times, and maybe even angry.  But remember, they are looking to publish the best of you.  Yeah, you paid them to do that, but if you have a good story, they will also find themselves invested by the sheer nature of your words.

My advice?  Find a good one.  I promise, you will be rewarded by the hard work both of you put into your manuscript.

Maria (My Editor).  Love you!



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