Paranormal Romance

This week, I would like to talk about a genre I am familiar with.  Paranormal Romance.  Four of the novels I have written are in this category, but honestly, almost every story I write is based on the family unit.

The love between mother and son, brother and sister.  To use the term loosely, it could also be close friends.  A lot of times in my books it is both.  I am the featured author this week, only because I am curious about your feelings on the genre.

For those of us who read the Twilight series, were and still in love with the relationship between Bella and Edward.  I swear the books can still make me cry.  The movies have yet to move me the same way.

I got into the genre with the Twilight series and though I loved them, they were lacking something for me.  I’m well past my teens and wanted to read more about the intimacy between Bella and Edward.  That was the only downfall for me.  So I looked for more adult books in the same genre.  Laurel K. Hamilton satisfied me through sixteen books.  Wow!  Then things just got weird.  Not saying that I will never read another one, but really, things just got weird.

So, what I would love to know is your thoughts.  What are you looking for when you pick up a Paranormal Romance, if you do at all.

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